Base / Station: Douglas


Period(s) of Use:


Location: 49°55’N 99°39’W


Elevation: 1262’


Dates of Operation or Period of Information: 1940 -1945


Integral Units: R. 2 to Brandon




Commanding Officers: N/A


Unit Duties / Information:

As with the airfield at Chater, this was designed to be used as landing and take-off facilities for pilots undergoing advanced training.


Aircraft Flown: N/A


Financial Impact: $89,000 (total cost of BCATP construction to 15 Mar 1942)


Station Magazine/Newspaper:


Date / Reason for closure:

The airfield closed along with that of Brandon’s following the expiration of the BCATP agreement.


Site details:



Turf runways.

2/20 – 3000’

14/32 – 3000’

8/26 – 4000’


Current Status:


Married Quarters:


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Key dates:

11 Aug 1943 – New beam approach Field at Douglas, Man., is being put into operation, and it is felt that certain M.T. Vehicles, such as a crash tender and ambulance, should be allotted to that field permanently. (source ORB No. 12 SFTS, Brandon, MB)

RCAF Aerodrome Douglas, Manitoba. Image frome the RCAF Pilots Manual of Aerodromes and Seaplane Bases c.1942