Base / Station:    Caron

Dates of Operation or Period of Information:  1942-45

Integral Units: 33 EFTS

Remote Units:

Unit Duties / Information: 

  • Elementary flying training
  • Relief field for moose Jaw

Aircraft Flown:

  • Tiger Moth

Commanding Officers:

Financial Impact:

Date / Reason for Closure:

  • 14 January 1944, school closed,
  • field became relief for Moose Jaw until October 1944

Current Status:  abandoned, one hangar and several base buildings still exist used by bible college; ramp provides foundation for several houses; imprint of runways can still be seen from the air

“In Plain Site – A Biography of the RAF Airbase at Caron, Saskatchewan” by Joel L. From ISBN 978-1-5255-4055-4 year 2019

RCAF Aerodrome Caron, Saskatchewan. Image frome the RCAF Pilots Manual of Aerodromes and Seaplane Bases c.1942